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Welcome to the official documentation site for TradeLens.

Copyright IBM Corporation and GTD Solution Inc. 2018, 2021

The purpose of this site is to provide an open collection of technical topics and details about TradeLens that are frequently requested by developers and IT specialists working within the TradeLens ecosystem.

We have tried to provide as much detail as possible and organize it logically. However, if you are looking for details but can not find them here, please provide feedback related to your documentation needs and we will get back with you shortly.

For an overview of the solution and to learn more about the business applications of TradeLens visit our website

For Support information visit our TradeLens Support site.

Once your organization has been onboarded to TradeLens, you will need an IBMid to log into the UI or to use the Swagger APIs. If you do not have an IBMid, you can sign up here.

To view current system status, active and past incidents, and upcoming maintenance for Production and Sandbox environments, see the TradeLens status page at All planned maintenance and service issues will be published on the TradeLens status page. When applicable, maintenance notices will indicate updates to Release Notes. Subscribe to receive status notifications.

An advanced preview notice for upcoming Release Notes will be published using My Notifications. For details, see the My Notifications section of the Support topic.


  • Due to continuous enhancements, some of the functions and screen images might be different than what you see on the current level of TradeLens.
  • Before downloading and opening shared documents, ensure that you have antivirus protection per your company policy with the latest virus definitions.